Machinery for marble, stone and granite

Giorgini Maggi is the oldest company specialized in constructing machinery for cutting marble, granite and stone.

Its origin in fact dates back to 1865. The company is located in Tuscany in the historical area of the white marbles from the Apuan Alps where Michelangelo started his tough activity of marble extraction devoted to the creation of his art masterpieces.

There is no country in the world where Giorgini Maggi is not or has been not present with its machinery and this is for valuable reasons:

Reliability of its technology that has been clearly recognized by all the companies using its machinery;

Continuous improvement in the evolution and technological innovation of its products, an absolute priority in the company strategy;

Commercial reliability recognized by customers as well as throughout its industrial sector;

Availability in satisfying the most various requests, one of the company strengths;

Customer assistance
Maximum speed in providing customer assistance including specialized technical personnel sent to work in situ and replacement of spare parts even of machines out of production, something that the company always considered a moral obligation.

Our range of products is illustrated here in the website together with the principal characteristics of the machines; however we welcome any further information as well as requests of detailed offers.

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Ace is the saw with 5 wires which operates by the new vertical wires technology. This allows short wires, obtain a perfect tension, limit the wires vibration, get a real superior slabs accuracy, improve the cutting speed, automatically displace the pulleys, in order to obtain the required thicknesses, even different.

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Tunnel is the latest generation of polishing machine for granite. Self-contained in this machine is a wide range of unique characteristics which makes it exceptionally productive and gives it a superior polishing quality.

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Magnum Ultra

Magnum Ultra is the standard gang-saw with a flexible employ in order to satisfy any demand for medium production.

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Magnum Match

MAGNUM MATCH has a soft, curved-semirectilinear-curved, self adjusting trajectory. The result is a considerable cutting speed increase and production costs reduction.

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The Fast gangsaw represents the most advanced realization to date of modern techniques for the cutting of marble blocks with the use of diamond blades.
This high-class machine is the result of our long-lasting experience which dates from 1865 for the manufacturing of relevant tradition gangsaws for marble and granite.

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Diastar Super

Modern diamond gang saw with fixed block position and steady structure that allows it to fit from 72 to 80 blades and to reach a down feed of 40 cm/h. This gangsaw has been manufactured in various of models and has won an alluring success by the end users for its simplicity and highest security.

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Our long experience was gained over a century in manufacturing all types of marble and granite gangsaws allowing us to develop this machine at the highest level of the state of art.

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